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Historically, this component was limited to displaying the categories. But now the scope is much wider as it not only displays the three indicators in an accordion panel, it also allows planners to quickly change the category or time marker by dragging an item from this component and dropping it on an appointment in the planning board.

Listing the indicatorsโ€‹

The category overview component shows all indicators and their colors. This is a useful legend for users to help identify the colors that are rendered in the planning board's appointments.

This is what is called an "accordion panel". It groups the indicators by type, which results in three groups which can be collapsed and expanded.


Quick update appointmentsโ€‹

There are several ways to update categories and time markers in Dime.Scheduler:

Drag and dropโ€‹

This component is connected to the planning board. An item from the categories and time markers list can be dragged and dropped on an appointment in the planning board, as demonstrated here:


Security permissions still apply: locked appointments or the records the planner cannot access are disabled and the drop action will be cancelled.

It is also quite obvious that the drop location must target an appointment. The status of the drop validity is shown in the tooltip, where this icon indicates an invalid drop whereas this icon tells you can proceed with the update:


Bulk updateโ€‹

To update appointments in bulk, simply make a selection of your appointments on the planning board, and hit the icon in the indicators component: