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Together with our resellers and customers, we continuously fine tune our objectives to guarantee the relevance and impact of Dime.Scheduler. The top priorities for Dime.Scheduler include, but are not limited to, the following topics:

Automation and optimization

With the help of some artificial intelligence, an optimized planning for your resources and tasks is within reach. Let the algorithms do their job and generate a schedule for optimal productivity given the constraints (such as skills, region, traffic, etc.) at hand.

Smart project planning

The Gantt chart harbors many more use cases and can serve many more industries. By further deepening the features and the integration of the project management capabilities in Dime.Scheduler, this powerful project management tool will supercharge your customer's business.

Advanced map features

More integrated capabilities in the map will allow planners to take geoplanning to the next level. Features such as drag and drop of routes, traffic time calculation, free address input, etc. will open up a world of possibilities for companies in the logistics industry and for any company that has resources on the road.


With the Power Platform and webhook connectors in the bag, we will create connectors for D365 Sales, Marketing, Finance, and for other products in the Microsoft 365 suite such as Bookings, Planner, To Do, and more.

Give shape to the roadmap!

We appreciate your input and we would love to get your input. Whatever suggestions you might have, we want to hear them. 👉 Get involved and have an impact 📈 on the future of Dime.Scheduler. While we have a pretty good idea where to go next with the product, we want you to have a say as well and have a decisive vote.

Get in touch with us through our support system or send us an e-mail 📧 to [email protected].

We look forward to working with you!


The contents of this document are not legally binding. Although we have every intention of executing this plan, it is not a commitment and the roadmap may change without prior notice.

Last revision on Friday January 5, 2024.