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The Power Platform connector

The Microsoft Power Platform is a set of low-code tools for building apps, workflows, AI bots, and data analytics. This immensely powerful platform makes it easier than ever for citizen developers and power users to basically click and drag their applications together and link them to their existing business application suite.

With the Power Platform connector, Dime.Scheduler can easily be plugged into the ecosytem and make planning a joy rather than a chore.


To get started, all you need is a subscription of the Power Platform, and a Dime.Scheduler API key. Create an API key, copy and paste it in the connection window in the Power Platform. Also make sure to select the right Dime.Scheduler environment, which is production or sandbox.


Actions and triggers

The Power Platform connector supports two-way traffic between the Power Platform and Dime.Scheduler. Actions allow you to send information over to Dime.Scheduler, while triggers are invoked when certain events have occurred in Dime.Scheduler. In addition to the built-in triggers, the webhook connector can also be used.