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Dime.Scheduler Exchange Connector

The Dime.Scheduler Exchange connector - unsurprisingly - provides a link between Dime.Scheduler and Exchange. There are two flavors of the connector available:

  • On-premise Exchange connector
  • Office 365 Exchange connector

The on-premise Exchange connector is powered by a third-party vendor whereas the Office 365 connector is managed by Dime.

On-premise Exchange connector

The on-premise connector uses Microsoft SQL server (Dime.Scheduler database) and Exchange Web Services (EWS) to make a connection between the two systems. There is not that much to tell as it is mostly technical mumbo-jumbo to establish the connection.

All you need to know about this connector, that includes the installation procedure, is documented here.

Office 365 Exchange connector

The Office 365 Exchange connector is an entirely different animal. It's using the Azure development platform that connects the various systems and data stores across Microsoft 365. It is therefore inherently tied to the cloud and does not necessarily provide an on-premise version.

In contrast to the on-premise connector, this connector has a graphical user interface and is deployed through the all-in-one installer. The remainder of the docs in this area will exclusively focus on this connector.