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In this setup view, the layout of the "Details" component is defined. This component shows detailed information of the job, task and appointment of the selected open/planned task or appointment in their respective components.

The pane layouts setup view contains two trees:

  • Fields tree: grouped per entity type, this contains all the possible fields that can be displayed in the details component
  • Details tree: this is the definition of how and what the details component should display.

Here is an example of a pane layout setup:

Pane layouts

And here is how it is reflected in the details component:


Adding fields

Fields can be arranged in a few different ways:

  • You can drag and drop fields from the fields list to any of the groups in the details pane on the right.
  • In the details tree, you can also drag and drop fields to change their position in a group or to move them to another group.
  • You can also drag & drop a group to change the position of groups.
  • To remove a field from a group, select the field and click the delete button. When clicking the delete button after selecting a group, all fields in that group will be deleted.

Pane layouts


The captions for the groups and fields are managed in the translations setup.

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