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Each instance of Dime.Scheduler comes with a license. This is a unique value which contains the properties that define the accessible features and their thresholds. The status can be consulted at any time in the about page inside the app.

What is being licensed

Apart from a handful of additional modules, all features are shipped out of the box and free of charge with every license type. However, there are thresholds associated with every license type. For instance, you are able to work with hundreds of resources with the Enterprise subscription as opposed to the Starters license, which will only let you schedule a limited number of resources. This mechanism is also applied for the number of location-tracked resources and Exchange calendars.

There are three modules which can be added to the standard license at extra cost:

  • Exchange connector
  • Basic map
  • Advanced map

These are subject to different licensing conditions as there are third party vendors involved. What these are go beyond the scope of the documentation. Please consult our sales team for additional information.

Remediating license violations

Dime.Scheduler monitors the application's status and assess whether the license conditions are still met. For example, when the administrator adds the 101th resource when the license caps this to an even 100, you might get an invitation from your ERP partner upon Dime Software's request to update to a higher edition.

To see the status of the current license, head over to the about page. To resolve license violations, please consult the resource setup docs. The idea is very simple: reduce the number of resources until the threshold is no longer exceeded, or upgrade to a higher edition.

  • For the plannable resources on the planning board, you can temporarily check the Do not show field for a selection of resources.
  • For the synchronization with Exchange, you can temporarily turn off the Exchange Integration Enabled field.
  • For the basic and advanced map, you can temporarily turn off the GPS Tracking Enabled field.