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Field Templates

Dime.Scheduler uses field templates to dynamically generate the content of certain fields. For example, the content of the Subject and Body field of an appointment can be generated from a template. This allows you to configure Dime.Scheduler easily to comply with your organization's requirements without the need to make changes in the back-office applications that are sending data to Dime.Scheduler.

Field templates

Field types

There are three field types you can use in constructing a field template:

  • Field
  • Free Text
  • New Line


A field is a placeholder for a property on the job or task entities.

Field templates

Free Text

This type allows to enter any free text you like. If you hover over the field, a series of buttons appear. The first button allows you to modify the text:

Field templates

New line

This field type doesn't require much explanation. By adding this type to the template, you will enter a line break.

Managing field templates

Select a field template

The template on the right hand side will load as soon as you select a field template in the corresponding grid.

Field templates

Add a field

Adding a field, free text or new line can be done by:

  • Dragging a field type in the top-right corner;
  • Positioning and dropping them above or below existing entries;

Depending on the field type, you will need to select the field (in case of a field) or enter text (in case of free text)

Field templates

Change the order

Changing the order of the items in the template is a trivial task using the drag and drop capabilities:

Field templates

Copy or delete a field

If you hover over the field, a series of buttons appear.

  • The utmost right button will remove that particular section of template. Field templates

  • The second to last button will duplicate that field: Field templates

Note that these changes are not saved immediately.

Saving and clearing the template

At the right hand side of the field template section, there are two buttons:

  • Clear
  • Save

All changes you made are still in a pending state. Pressing the Save button will commit those changes to the database. If you are not satisfied with the template, you can start over by pressing the Clear button. Even though this will remove everything, this will not commit to the database until you hit the ´Save´ button.


Modifications to the field templates will not change existing appointments. Only new records from the back-office system will apply the modified template.