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Shortcut keys


Shortcut keyActionRemark
DELETEDeletes the selected records. Is the equivalent of the delete button.Only when a delete button is present
CTRL + click on groupCollapses the other groups in the gridOnly possible when grouping is set

Planning boardโ€‹

Shortcut keyAction
DELETEDelete appointment
CTRL + XCut appointment
CTRL + CCopy appointment
CTRL + VPaste appointment
SHIFT + DSpecial paste: keep date
SHIFT + RSpecial paste: keep resource
SHIFT + TSpecial paste: keep time
SHIFT + 1Split: remove resource from appointment
SHIFT + 2Split: disconnect assignment
SHIFT + 3Split: split appointment
SHIFT + Drag appointment to other resourceAppend resource
CTRL + DragBulk select appointments
SHIFT + Arrow leftMove to the next period
SHIFT + Arrow rightMove to the previous period
SHIFT + GCreate an appointment container

Open Tasksโ€‹

Shortcut keyAction
Drop task + CTRLDropped open tasks will be scheduled simultaneously
SHIFT + drag taskPressing the SHIFT key before dragging the task will cause the application to ignore tasks in the associated containers


Shortcut keyAction
CTRL + SHIFT + DRAG MOUSEBulk select markers
SHIFT + DRAG MOUSEBulk select markers and zoom to selection

Default browser shortcut keysโ€‹

For a complete list of available shortcut keys in the browsers, consult the following pages: