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Roles & User Actions

Standard roles

The roles are the first step to determine the permissions a user has within the application. You can assign multiple roles to a user. The standard roles for Dime.Scheduler are:

  • Administrator: Gives the user access to the Administration module of Dime.Scheduler
  • User Manager: Gives the user access to the Administration module of Dime.Scheduler, restricted to the pages for user setup. This user will not be able to access e.g. application settings.
  • Application Manager: Gives the user access to the (Application) Settings module of Dime.Scheduler
  • Personalization: A user with the Personalization role can create and manage layouts, filters and profiles and share them with other users and/or user groups.
  • Planner: A Planner has full access to the Application window (planning boards) and can create, modify and delete Appointments
  • Viewer: A Viewer has read-only access to the Application window (planning boards) and cannot create, modify or delete Appointments

Protected features

The following is a table of all user actions and the features (such as buttons) they protect:

User ActionSecured elements
Global administratorUser action that allows everything
Add application wide URL
Add assignment with drag & drop
Add planning boardsAdd planning boards to the profile
Bulk edit categoriesUpdate appointment's categories in bulk in planned tasks
Bulk edit time markersUpdate appointment's time marker in bulk in planned tasks
Bypass calendarsSkip recalculation of appointments on planning board
CutCut appointments in planning board
CopyCopy appointments in planning board
PastePaste appointments in planning board
DetailsCan view the details of an entity (task, job, appointment, etc.)
Drag & drop assignmentCan drag and drop assignments in the planning board
Drag & drop appointmentCan drag and drop tasks on the planning board
Manage profileManage profiles
Map action URLExecute action uris in the map
Open task action URLExecute task action uris in the open tasks grid
Appointment action URLExecute appointment action uris in the planning board
NewCreate manual appointments
EditUpdate appointments
RemoveDelete appointments
NextCan shift to the next period in the planning board
PreviousCan shift to the previous period in the planning board
Plan projectPlan project in Gantt chart
SaveSave layouts
Save user defined filtersSave filters
Scheduler moduleView planning page
Settings moduleView settings pages
User administratorAn administrator that can only manage users
Split appointmentsEnables the user to split appointments

Managing roles

When navigating to Administration -> Roles, two grids can be identified. One is an editable grid with the roles, the other is a contextual grid that shows the assigned user actions for the selected user role.

Roles administration

In this example, the planner role was selected. Upon selection, the user actions grid is re-evaluated instantly to show the assigned user actions. The administrator can assign or unassign user actions by ticking the checkbox next to the actions. To select or unselect all user actions, the administrator can tick the checkbox on the column header.

The administrator doesn't need to do anything else to enforce the modified roles, other than to ask the users to log out and log in. When users are authenticated, Dime.Scheduler immediately assigns the authorized user actions and stores it in the browser's cookie.

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