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User Groups

User groups are proxies for collections of users. Roles and user profiles can be assigned to groups, just like data-driven security (i.e. filter values, categories and time markers) can be configured via user groups.

When assigning a user to a user group, the user inherits the settings from the user group. If you assign security on the user group and on the user then the least restrictive permissions applies.


  • On the user group you only assign the planner role and on the user you only assign the "Personalization" role, this means that the user will have both the planner and personalization role.
  • On the user group you assign values A and B for filter group 1. On the user you assign value D for filter group 1. This means that the user has permissions for values A, B and D of filter group 1 (but not C).
  • On the user group you assign profile A and on the user you assign profile B. The user can use profiles A and B.

Managing user groups in Dime.Scheduler is fairly straightforward and has the same intuition as the user setup.

User group administration

The master grid is the user groups grid. When selecting a user group, all connected grids will be re-evaluated to show the assigned entities for that particular user group.

Assigning a role, category, etc. is as simple as ticking a checkbox. The only thing to be cautious for is to ensure the right user group is selected.

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