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The Dime.Scheduler CLI

The Dime.Scheduler CLI is a .NET Tool that allows you to invoke the SDK through a command-line interface.


As mentioned, the CLI is a .NET tool, so in order to install and use the CLI you'll need to install the .NET CLI first. Once that's done, you can install Dime.Scheduler's CLI:


Version 1.x.x targets the on-premises version of Dime.Scheduler. All versions from 2.x.x only target the cloud version.

dotnet tool install Dime.Scheduler.CLI --global --version {YOUR VERSION}


The following example adds or updates a category in Dime.Scheduler:

dimescheduler category add -k "MYAPIKEY" -n 'Service order 123' -h #32a852

The entry point of the global tool is the dimescheduler command.



To see the parameters of a command, simply run dimescheduler + model + --help command and you'll get all the information you need.