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Production Orders

The Dime.Scheduler FastTrack solution for Production Order – Routing Lines planning contains the following key features:

  • It allows you to visualize and to plan routing lines via drag & drop, thereby using and respecting all the NAV business logic.
  • The solution uses the standard work center and machine center table of NAV to create resources in Dime.Scheduler.
  • When the order status of the production order changes, the category or time marker of the planned task in Dime.Scheduler can be updated automatically.

Configuring production orders - routing lines

Fast track wizard

  • To use the FastTrack solution select "Enable Production Routing planning".
  • To create resources in Dime.Scheduler from the work center and machine center table, select "Use Work Centers" and "Use Machine Centers" (recommended).
  • In "Show Order Status as" you select how to update the planned task(s) in Dime.Scheduler when the order status of the production order in NAV changes. You can choose to update the category or the time marker. Leave blank if you don't want the order status to be shown.