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The Dime.Scheduler FastTrack solution for Absence Registration planning contains the following key features:

  • It allows you to integrate the absences of your employees into your resource planning.
  • With employees linked to resources in NAV, you can plan employee absences against the resources in Dime.Scheduler.

The solution offers 3 methods to plan absences:

  • with drag & drop using absences tasks in Dime.Scheduler
  • enter an absence in NAV and send the absence as a planned task to Dime.Scheduler
  • use the action shortcut (right-click on the planning board for the selected resource and date) to create an absence in NAV

Configuring HR absence registration

With Dime.Scheduler you plan "tasks". In Dime.Scheduler "tasks" are linked to a "job". "Job" and "task" are generic names for every type of task you want to plan. In order to work with absence tasks which the user can drag & drop onto the planning board, we need to create a "job" and "tasks" in Dime.Scheduler. Absences don't have a header like a sales or assembly order, so we create a default "job" from the wizard.

Configuring HR absences in Fast track wizard

  • To use the solution select "Enable Absences planning".
  • Enter a descriptive code in "Job No. for Absences". This code can be used in the open and planned Tasks grid in Dime.Scheduler to sort, group and filter the tasks.
  • Select "Create Tasks from Cause of Absence" to create tasks in Dime.Scheduler based on the values in the cause of absence table
  • To show the type of absence of a planned task in Dime.Scheduler select a value for "Show Cause of Absence as":
    • Blank: no visual indicator used
    • Category: the color of the planned task shows the cause of absence
    • Time marker: the time marker of the planned task shows the cause of absence

When the user sends an absence from NAV or creates an absence using the action shortcut, the planned task in Dime.Scheduler is created based on the setting of "Create Appointment as":

  • Working Time: the absence is created with a start and end time as specified in "Starting Time" and "Ending Time"
  • Full Day: the absence is created as a 24h planned task, the "Starting Time" and "Ending Time" fields are not used in this case

To give the user the possibility to create a new absence via the action shortcut, select "Create New Absence Action" and enter the caption that is shown to the user in Dime.Scheduler (see screenshot below):

Create new absence in Dime.Scheduler