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Installer prerequisites

Before running the installer, make sure to comply with the following requirements:

  • PowerShell 5 is the minimum required version to run the installer.
  • There is a database server and web server at the consultant's disposal to deploy Dime.Scheduler.
  • We assume that a back office system is readily available and accessible. For the moment, the installer is only concerned with deploying Dime.Scheduler, not the back office systems.
  • If you want to deploy on Azure, you need to have sufficient permissions to deploy resources to an Azure subscription.
  • You have a license key to activate the planning application.

What you need to provide

Ensure that, before you run the installer, the following requirements are met:

Pay extra attention to the following parameters, which you need to fill out in the installer:

  • Database server
  • Service account name and password - make sure that this account has sufficient permissions!

Once the installation is done, you will need to setup the connection with the back office system. The same argument can be made here: make sure you provide a valid service account with sufficient permissions to connect Dime.Scheduler to the back office system.


Make sure to check the mandatory cumulative updates in the upgrade guide if you are updating an older version of Dime.Scheduler (>=2017.0.0).

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