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Upgrade to 2022.2.0

There are no hard breaking changes in this release, thus there are no additional manual actions which need to be executed. Beware though that the upgrade guides of the previous releases still apply. The general upgrade guide contains a few scripts to perform the cumulative update.

Mobile App

The mobile application requires a new service to be deployed on the premises. It's a backend service that needs to be accessible by the mobile devices, that may not reside in the company's network. Use the installation center to deploy the backend service and make sure to comply with the instructions as specified here.

Sending decimal values to Dime.Scheduler

In this release, we enforce that decimal values are to be sent with . (dot) as the decimal separator, irrespective of culture or language. This is industry standard, and as such, it will prevent issues and confusion down the line.

Standard implementations of the connectors provided by Dime Software already adhere to this standard and will not be affected by this rule. Custom modules developed by our partners and customers that do rely on culture-specific formatting might be impacted. Before upgrading to Dime.Scheduler 2022.2.0, make sure your custom solutions is up to code.