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Upgrading from versions prior to 2017.1.0

For updating existing Dime.Scheduler instances with a version number prior to Dime.Scheduler 2017, the process is the same as described below with the following caveats:

  • We recommend to setup a new website from scratch. The old website can be disabled or removed.
  • Likewise, the SQL database needs be upgraded. Make sure the SQL database is upgraded to latest version Dime.Scheduler 2016 Q2 R3. If this is not the case, please run all update scripts for each version in consecutive order. The update scripts can be found in the folder .\Dime.Scheduler\Database\Update Scripts of the installation package.
  • To be able to install Dime.Scheduler 2018 and later, a new license key needs to be requested. The original key cannot be used anymore.
  • During the update, all user logins and their settings will be removed and need to be recreated afterwards. A backup copy of the users and their roles will be stored in the SQL table "UserBackup" for consulting purposes after performing the installation.

Once that update is done, you can run the installation of the latest version of Dime.Scheduler.