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Announcing Dime.Scheduler 2022.1.0

ยท 3 min read

Dime.Scheduler 2022.1.0 is available now and comes with a feature many have been waiting for: appointment containers!

What's newโ€‹

Appointment containersโ€‹

Appointment containers are a game-changer. Grouping tasks and planning such groups as a whole opens up a world of possibilities for the modern organization. Rather than having to manage related appointments one by one, the planner now has the tools to manage logical sets of appointments and treat such a group as a single entity.

It is a simple yet powerful concept that will be the foundation for more advanced features in future releases. Read more about appointment containers here. Or sign up for the ๐Ÿ“ก webinar here.

Appointment containers

Connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Centralโ€‹

  • Support for BC19 (BC20 will be available as of April 1st)
  • Additional "OnAfter" events for send opreations
  • Remove "Send all" buttons on order list pages
  • Support non-integer task numbers in the Gantt chart
  • Store planning date in the job planning link table
  • OAuth2 support for BC SaaS
  • Send job task description with job planning line
  • Send production order line number with production order task
  • Send large notifications (more than 1024 characters)
  • Support decimal values in resource capacity
  • Support infinite parameter on job task level
  • Bypass regional setting on duration conversion

What's moreโ€‹

  • Apply resource filters in appointment editor
  • Date navigation in agenda view
  • Copy/cut and paste multiple appointments at once
  • Rebase projects in Gantt chart
  • Collapse and expand rows in the planning board
  • Schedule remaining time for tasks
  • Toggle the clock tooltip visibility
  • Messages API

Improvements and bug fixesโ€‹

In addition to the traditional performance and stability improvements, the following bugs have been fixed:

  • Appointments temporary disappear after cancelled drag operation
  • SQL load balancing
  • Filter value sorting in the resource filter component
  • Search for resources in the Gantt chart editor
  • Drag and drop permissions for indicators
  • Special paste across pages
  • Grouped planning board alignment on browser zoom
  • Rendering of the docking panels on small screens
  • Revoke all profiles
  • Resource is not selected when creating new appointments

๐Ÿ‘‰ Head over to the partner zone to download Dime.Scheduler 2022.1.0 ๐Ÿ’พ!

Upgrade guideโ€‹

This is a major update ๐Ÿš€. To upgrade to Dime.Scheduler 2022.1.0, follow the upgrade guide diligently before deploying the new version.



On April 7 at 16:00 CEST, we are hosting a demo-packed webinar ๐Ÿ“ก that shows appointment containers, among many other features, in great detail so you're up to date on all the latest features in Dime.Scheduler, and what's next.

Secure your seat by registering here! ๐Ÿ‘ˆ