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Announcing Dime.Scheduler 2020.1.0

· 3 min read

The first release of the year is upon us. Compared to the previous releases, this is a fairly minor release. We have a couple of new features lined up and we made great improvements to the back office plugin.

What's new

In accordance to our roadmap, we worked intensively on simplifying the installation process. We also made great progress on the transition to .NET Core and the cloud. We will continue our efforts and aim to ship Dime.Scheduler on Azure and a simplified installation package by the end of the quarter.

A nice new feature that is available is the split appointment function in the planning board. Gone are the days where you would have to copy, paste and remove appointments and assignments, just to split an appointment. Three appointment split functions are available as of this version:

  • Remove a resource from an appointment
  • Remove a resource from an appointment and create a separate appointment
  • Split an appointment in two

These functions are available in the planning board's context menu option or can be accessed with shortcut keys. Check out the docs for more information.

We also updated the Azure AD authentication mechanism in order to comply with the latest integration recommendations. If you use Azure AD, note that changes were made to the app registration, and that an extra configuration item has been added to Dime.Scheduler. Consult the guide for the modified procedure.

We also implemented a mechanism to automatically retry failed transactions in the back office web site. Read more about it here.

Improvements and bug fixes

Besides the traditional performance and stability improvements, the following bugs have been fixed:

  • Assign resource with shift drag for single select resource types
  • Warn user when updating profile after having removed it
  • Display grouping header values of associated models
  • Prevent duplicate component identifiers in a profile
  • Update map when toggling the select all checkbox
  • Add components to blank profiles
  • Create new planning boards
  • 24h working day returns 0 availability in the calendars
  • Retry removed appointments in back office
  • Apply connector for new appointments in back office

What's next

In February, we will continue to explore our own implementation of the Exchange connector. Now is the time for you to share your requirements for a bidirectional synchronization mechanism between Dime.Scheduler and Exchange. In addition to this, we will make a first iteration of export capabilities. And finally, as mentioned earlier we will wrap up the automated installation procedure and finalize the work on Dime.Scheduler on Azure.

Upgrade guide

To upgrade to Dime.Scheduler 2020.1.0, follow this guide.

Users who are eager to check out the split appointments feature should log out and log in. After all, this is a protected feature that can be configured by the administrator. It is added by default to the planner role.

Missed our webinar?

On February 5, we unveiled our roadmap for 2020. We made a few exciting announcements along with a live demonstration that showcases some of the newest features. Watch it again here: