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Announcing Dime.Scheduler 2019.7.0

· 3 min read

This release is all centered on the advanced filters. We've also improved the accuracy of the geocoding process and enabled text selection in the grids.

What's new

Many of our long-time customers and seasoned NAV users have requested the advanced filters feature. We had it in the old SilverLight edition, so we had no foot to stand on to reject this request. Advanced filters refer to a set of characters that serve a special purpose in text field filters. By using a concise syntax, complex queries can be created on the fly. Check out the docs for more information.

In addition, the accuracy of geocoding requests has been massively improved. Assuming the data is vaguely accurate, Dime.Scheduler will be able to show your data on the map. There is no more need to wait for the next nightly geocoding batch to see the pins on the map.

Finally, we tweaked the solution to support text selection in the grids, enabling users to copy data. Check out the docs for more information.

Improvements and bug fixes

Besides the traditional performance and stability improvements, the following bugs have been fixed:

  • Wrapping text in multi-line appointments
  • Filter out hidden resources from planned tasks
  • Log transaction when appointment is not the latest entry in the back office
  • Compare timestamps using rowversion alternative
  • Add country to the geocoding web service
  • Render color for hours in weekends
  • Update and delete resource filters in the same batch
  • Save map settings when the map token is missing
  • Sorting on columns with a combobox

Furthermore, we added two extra columns to the solution. The first shows the "Enable GPS Tracking" setting of resources in the planning board and planned tasks grid. The second column can be found in the layouts grid of the user-generated content view and it shows which component the layout refers to.

What's next

As you know from our previous release, we have started the journey to the cloud. We support Azure SQL, now it is time to support Dime.Scheduler entirely on Azure. In a so-called lift and shift operation, we will do the necessary to make Dime.Scheduler work on an Azure Virtual Machine along with Azure SQL databases. We are still in an early stage, but we would like to ask for your input. If you and your customers have any special requirements, get in touch so we can provide an optimal solution.

We will also address the tedious installation process. We are working on a all-in-one installer which will obfuscate many of the intricacies which you shouldn't normally worry about.

These and many more will be covered in greater detail in a state of the union which we will address in a few weeks.