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Head over to the installation manual to get the Dime.Scheduler connector for Microsoft Dynamics NAV up and running.

Quick Start

This manual documents all the functionalities of the connector extension. Like the navigation, there are two main elements: configuration and usage.

The Fast Track Wizard and setup pages document the configuration options that determine behavior of Dime.Scheduler whereas the other sections show what the connector does and how it is used. Usually, there is a section of each module in both the configuration and usage:

ModuleFast TrackSetup
Service order⚙️🔧
Assembly orders⚙️🔧
Machine Centers⚙️🔧
Work Centers⚙️🔧
Sales orders⚙️🔧

How this guide is organized

The back office manual for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Plugin is divided into the following areas:

The Fast Track wizard is usually the entry point when the integration between Dime.Scheduler and nav needs to be configured. With this wizard, you can enable, disable and configure modules in just a few clicks. The same configuration can be done in the setup pages, even though we don't necessarily recommend it.

The connector extension contains all the required artifacts and business logic to connect both systems. Some of these items are entirely new (like the appointments list) whereas we use and extend standard objects for the others. For instance, the standard resources are synchronized with Dime.Scheduler, albeit with a few extra fields that are specific to Dime.Scheduler (like the "Exchange integration" switch). This distinction is made in the navigation bar: Page Extensions refer to standard items that have been extended whereas the Dime.Scheduler Pages refer to new objects that have been developed by Dime Software for Dime.Scheduler.